South Africa Conference Venues. Find, compare and book small or large affordable South Africa conference venues. No booking fees. Book function, banqueting, wedding, party, meeting, birthday, academic, press release, corporate event, exhibition, product launch, dinner, training, induction, award ceremony and fashion show venue with us. We source, organise and orchestrate your entire conference, event, function, wedding, party, meeting, birthday, corporate event, press release, academic, induction, exhibition, banqueting, training, product launch, dinner, reception, award ceremony and fashion show, or music and entertainment venue. We provide a free venue finding service, so if you require help with finding a suitable centre for your event, please feel free to contact us. With a huge selection of available centres, we are confident that our service will allow you to quickly identify and select suitable conference venues according to your requirements and budget for small or large groups. After taking an initial brief and gaining a full understanding of your objectives we will provide you a preliminary list of venues that we feel will meet your criteria. We will take into account location and budget needs, as well as any specific requirements you may have.

We enables you to find the best deal at the right location. Whether looking for conference and training centres, cinema hall, green venues, golf estate, stadium, convention, hotels, resorts, clubs or even a fancy forest retreat or cathedral, or music and entertainment venue, we can help provide clients with a wide range of conference venues to choose from. South Africa offers a wealth of conference and exhibition facilities, including custom built centres designed to top international specifications, facilities at hotels, resorts, guest houses, conventions, seminars, game lodges, meetings, board rooms, training,cinema style, hall, golf estate, educational institutions, arenas, stadium, auditorium and theatres.

Conference facilities are of a high standard, with custom built venues designed to international specifications in major centres, with world-class facilities at hotels, resorts, guest houses, cathedral, game lodges, arenas, hall, golf estate, stadium, convention, cinema style, theatres, auditorium and educational institutions or music and entertainment venue. We provide facilities for small to large meetings, seminars, weddings, parties, convention, corporate events and functions, with a conference, theatre or board room equipped with international standard conferencing equipment. Conference venues in South Africa can be customised to suit your budget and the needs of your delegates. We know how to source and organise and then negotiate and give you the best possible deal. We are here to be of assistance to you by finding the perfect reception or dinner centre from the most exclusive and prestigious venues which suits your budget and your every need. Whether you are looking for an intimate fancy forest retreat, dinner party hall, convention, reception venue or cathedral for just a few delegates or a large conference centre with facilities to accommodate many delegates, we will help you and meet your precise needs.

Whether you are organising a business meeting, press release, academic, induction, conference, banqueting, reception, wedding or birthday celebration, we have a exceptional centres to suit your needs. Most of the top hotels  feature facilities which meet the international standard and ranges from resorts to golf estates and game lodges, seminars, business meeting rooms, boarding, exhibition, guest houses, cinema style, stadium, auditorium, arena or big hall. Whether you are hosting a major convention, a product launch, a private board meeting, an exhibition or even a private dinner party, we can source the most suitable and ideal board room for you. We offer impartial services to match your requirements. Plan your next business conference with us as we offer a vast portfolio of seminar venues, and we take no money from you as we offer a free conference and meeting venue services, so under no circumstances will you be charged for booking South Africa conference venue from us.

In addition to finding a conference location we also offer a full conference management that include on site event management, delegates registration, event administration, point of contact throughout the conference and more, depending on your requirements. The conference and meeting venue finding services that we offer to our clients is free, however charges for conference management are charged on actual time involved, location and the amount of manpower involved. Once you have confirmed your booking we are happy for you to make direct contact with the venue to make all your final arrangements. Transportation of delegates from/to airport or alternative address are offered at a best rates as well as the incentive tours. We accommodate all groups, from small delegates up to any number. Whether you are planning a meeting, conference, exhibition, reception or dinner we have the most exclusive and prestigious conference venues with more appropriate working environment for your delegates, and meet your every need and you are able to customise and personalise your event according to your budget and requirements.



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